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Michelin 3xplorer Club NFTs Launched

Milestone Date: October 16, 2023


The world’s leading tire manufacturer, Michelin, dove head first into the blockchain with its very own NFT collection, the “Michelin 3xplorer Club.”

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Michelin 3xplorer ClubMichelin 3xplorer Club

On October 16, 2023, the Michelin 3xplorer Club launched its inaugural public sale, the NFT collection mint with 4,200 variations of the animated Michelin Man character. The NFTs were minted as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain at a price of 0.05 ETH each. Minters were able to purchase up to two NFTs per wallet.

Holders of the collection would be the first official members of the 3xplorer Club, a Web3-native community of Michelin “explorers.”

Since Michelin’s foundation, the brand has declared a unique mission to empower its fans to explore the world, travel to new cities, and try experiential restaurants. Therefore, the 3xplorer Club is not only the first phase of the Michelin Web3 strategy, but a continuation of the brand’s goals that are relevant to today’s digital consumers.

Credit: Michelin

The NFTs, advertised as “the keys to go further in our universe,” will enable members to have exclusive access to different Michelin products and experiences including car race tickets, Michelin-starred dining, or even a new set of tires.

It is important to note that Michelin first scheduled the 3xplorer Club mint for June, according to a tweet posted in May 2023.

The project later announced that the mint date would be moved to September 12, due to legal topics within the company. Therefore, the actual mint – which eventually occurred on October 16th – was the third reschedule, signaling that Michelin likely was dealing with some internal complications for quite some time ahead of launch.

By Sophie Waldman

Published:October 16, 2023


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Michelin enters Web3 with the “Michelin 3xplorer Club”


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